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Juumgundi Gurrijigam - Smoking Ceremony

  • 1 hour
  • Price Varies $500+
  • Gumbaynggirr Country (Mid North Coast NSW)

Service Description

Smoking ceremonies are an old tradition which have been performed for over 60,000+ years. They are performed on many different levels whether that be emotional, spritual, physical and mental. A smoking ceremony can be performed for various occasions as well, including the following: WELCOME TO COUNTRY: These smokings are performed when welcoming outsiders into the area to keep away evil spirits and allow travelers safe passage when on country. BIRTH: A ceremony at birth to welcome a new baby into the physical world and help keep bad spirits away. INITIATION: Ceremonies are performed during initiations at various stages in life. HEALING: Smoking ceremonies are performed to ward off evil spirits and cleanse the body, to help heal the sick or wounded. FUNERALS: Smoking ceremonies are performed to help loved ones with their transition from the physical world into the dreaming. During a Smoking Ceremony, you will see many different items being used including a coolamon to carry around fire (waagay) and a variety of plants burnt to create a fragrant smoke (juum). During the process we ask that you please be respectful and take part. ***Smoking ceremonies will only be performed on Gumbaynggirr country in the Mid North Coast of NSW, defined by Gumbaynggirr cultural borders ranging from Eungai Creek near Macksville to the Clarence river at Grafton and out to Ebor.*** *** Please note that pricing for a smoking ceremony will vary starting from $500. Prices depend on various factors including but not limited to group size, location, ceremony etc. Please contact me for further information or to make a booking. ***

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Coffs Harbour NSW, Australia

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