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This gaanany (club) made from a Stringybark tree. Shaped with a skinny handle for easy of carrying and a large heavy head end.

Coated in a liquid beeswax.

Length - 37cm

Gaanany (Nulla-nulla)

  • All items are unique and handmade so will vary in size, weight, colour, shape, sound and timber used. All timber is sustainably sourced and each item is made environmentally friendly from fallen trees. No plants or animals are harmed in the process of creating these items. All items purchased will come with a Certificate Of Authenticity stating they are made by Traditional Custodians. Gumbaynggirr Creative takes no responsibility for any actions resulting from the use of items purchased. Items are sold with the intent purpose being for display, education or ceremonial use.

  • The gaanany or nulla-nulla, commonly used in ceremonial dances, as well as hunting prey and in warfare. Made from various hardwoods, these are usually shaped according to how the maker views it.   

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