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How To Support Your Local Aboriginal Businesses

Supporting local indigenous businesses has many philanthropic benefits that increase community wellbeing and boost the local economy, offering many benefits to Aboriginal people and your local community.

Why is it important?

Indigenous Australians still face incredible challenges when it comes to unemployment, self-employment, and entrepreneurship. Indigenous entrepreneurship creates opportunities for communities, governments, and not-for-profits to address social issues, such as poverty, unemployment, and social injustice. Many indigenous businesses offer pro-bono advice and sponsor local sports teams and cultural events, providing valuable contributions to the local community. Indigenous entrepreneurs create a positive cycle of social and economic empowerment. Their family and social values are deeply rooted into their business strategy which drives social innovation, and they boost local and federal economies, creating jobs for indigenous people, helping many indigenous families climb the socioeconomic ladder, significantly improving the health and overall quality of life of First Nations people.

How Gumbaynggirr Creative supports the Gumbaynggirr community

As the face behind Gumbaynggirr Creatives, I proudly acknowledge Gumbaynggirr country and people, and promote this across various activities and events. All services and products are made in consultation with fellow Gumbaynggirr people and approved by elders.

I advocate for the rights of all Aboriginal people and run cultural awareness programs to teach culture and cultural safety to groups of various ages and abilities, which are popular amongst local schools and businesses for staff training days. At these events, I also dispel myths and stereotypes people hold about Aboriginal people and communities.

I promote and participate in various cultural events and programs held by other Gumbaynggirr businesses and organisations such as Saltwater Freshwater Arts Festival, BMNAC, and OneMob Radio. In my spare time, I attend and teach culture and Gumbaynggirr language to the children who attend the Gumbaynggirr Gingaana Freedom School and Kulai Preschool.

How can you help support Aboriginal communities and businesses?

Despite the many benefits of indigenous businesses, growth in indigenous entrepreneurship is still lagging compared to non-Indigenous entrepreneurship, which could be due to lack of experience, training, racial discrimination, and lack of access to resources. Community participation is critical for indigenous businesses to flourish, so what can you do as an individual to support your local indigenous businesses?

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